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Clips from the Stroke 9 Music Video "Kick Some Ass" featuring Jay & Silent Bob

It starts with Jay & bob at home watching TV
... watching a lame boyband video.
"How many people wanna kick some ass?"
Jay & Bob journey to the boy band video shoot to...
... kick some boy band ass!
Jay chasing them down
Meanwhile, the Stroke9 band gets a nice show
Jay & Bob journey to an enimem video shoot they saw on NTV
Bob about to smack Enimem over the head
Enimem going down
Jay whooping some Enimem clone ass
Back at home, they spot a lame J-Lo-ish video...
so they storm the set...
... Bob downs the guy with another chair...
... while Jay makes off with the girl
Again at home, J&B see a TRL-ish show...
So Bob kicks the ass of the celeb on the show..
...Jay gets friendly with the girlie crowd...
... and Bob gives "carson" a chance with the club.
The duo finally arive at the Stroke9 video shoot.
Bob wants to kick ass, but Jay stops him.
Jay and Bob rockin' with the band...
Just as the S9 lead singer kicks their asses!