... And I'm no exception. Since my early years, I've been an avid reader and writer, and have burned my way through thousands of books and literature. My career as a graphic designer came from my love for creativity, and I love to create things - anything. General designs for websites, designs for games, maps - anything. My childhood obsession for computer games has yet to leave me, and I've collected an impressive number of computer games of various genres. I frequently attend LAN Parties, where everyone brings a computer and everyone plays networked games until the early hours of the morning. I have been a staff member on a number of game projects, including the successful online game Realms of Kaos.

I have also recently picked up a hobby that I was exposed to in England, but never played until now. I collect, paint and play war games with scale models from the Games Workshop hobby line. This hobby has proved to be very expensive and I've given up collecting them, but still frequently play game scenarios at a local hobby store.